Fall Walks With Cora

I've mentioned this before, but Cora and I try to get out on a walk on our street almost every day. Some days our walks last 5 minutes and some days I have to drag Cora in for dinner.  Yesterday, was one of those drag-Cora-in-for-dinner days, but I'm not complaining.  Cora finds so much excitement in ever little thing.  Cora got so excited to see a squirrel sitting on the fence that we paused for a couple minutes to watch it sit there and run around, then we focused our attention on a single leaf falling from a tree.  She also crouched down and squawked as she searched for noisy birds in the bushes.  It is so fun to experience things through the eyes of a child. Fall has brought so many fun things to discover and I'm looking forward to more fall activities.

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