Life With Cora : 21 Months

Since our last update three months ago, Cora's personality just keeps coming out more and more. Sometimes I feel like she already has a huge personality and then she'll do something that will shock us both (in a good way) and I'll realize how old she already feels and she is not even two yet.
We've been spending a lot of time inside being creative and getting quality time together as a family. We got to spend a lot of time together during Christmas Break and get out on some adventures to the museum and some warmer weather walks.
We've spent a lot of time being sick over the last month and a half, so Cora has really enjoyed popping some popcorn and throwing in a movie.  She'll watch most cartoon movies the whole way through, but if she is no longer interested, she'll just get up and play with her toys.
While Cora doesn't really like getting messy, she has enjoyed painting and gifting some of her creations to her family members.  I'll have to share some more pictures of her paintings in another post, but it has really been fun to watch her enjoy a shared hobby.
In the last week or so, Cora has really started to grasp the concept of 'no'... but only when she is saying it to us.  As annoying as it can be to hear her say 'no' so often, it is just as exciting to watch her develop and really start to decide when she does or doesn't want something.  She is still frequently using signs for 'finished' and 'more/food', but she is really developing her vocabulary quickly.
Cora is always following me around making sure she is in the same room as me.  She is very helpful when I'm cleaning up or cooking.  I can usually give her directions to put her toys in the toy box (that one always needs demonstrating... I think it's a trick) or to throw something in the garbage for me. Having her alongside me has made chores and cleaning a little more enjoyable.
I know we have a couple big obstacles in the coming months (weaning, potty training, etc), but Cora's happy attitude is making these tasks seem a little less daunting.  I probably say this a lot, but it has been a joy so far to watch her grow and learn.


  1. Oh my gosh. Looking at the pictures of her at 6 and 8 months.... can't believe she was once that little!!!

  2. lol, I know! Whenever one of her old pictures pops up in Timehop, I am always surprised at how small she was.


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