We finally have the nursery area semi-finished and got some pictures!  When you walk into the bedroom, you see the gradient dresser/changing table across from the door on the baby's side of the room.  On top of the dresser we have a mirror that my grandma covered in fabric (also matches this chair).  We plan on hanging the mirror at some point.  It would also be nice to get a couple small floating shelves above the changing pad... that or hang a couple pictures.
On the other side of the nursery, we have the crib, a shelving unit, and some artsy stuff.  The poms are from one of the baby showers.  There were a lot more hanging up, but our technique for hanging them wasn't very effective (Update: see what they look like now here).  We will hang the rest of them up whenever we get a chance.  The castle painting was a present from Jazz.  The bookshelf is the perfect spot for it because we will have many fairy tales filling the shelves in the future.
My mom and I made these Rustic Owl paintings at Cheers to Art about two weeks before I had Cora.  We coordinated the colors and the direction they look so we could hang them together.  My mom's painting is on the left and mine is on the right.
We moved my bookshelf against the wall and gave away a bunch of my books to make room for baby books and storage.  We have a cube for her books and added this cute lamb stuffed animal that my grandpa brought to Cora in the hospital.  Underneath the baby book cube, we put a storage cube from Target that we use for the baby's dirty laundry.
Everything with the nursery just happened to coordinate and the whole area just fell together perfectly.

The night before we went to the hospital to deliver Cora we took a couple pictures of me in front of the crib.  Here is the only picture that wasn't really creepy (I can't believe I was that big):


  1. Aw it's adorable! And not too girly! Definitely looks a lot different than it did when I was there! :)

    1. yes, I put lots of work into it since you visited... and there are still a couple more things to do.


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