Saying Goodbye

I mentioned before how there have been a lot of changes so far this year.  Most of the bigger changes have been letting go of some things and saying goodbye and I thought it would be weird to just ignore all the stuff that's been happening.

Right before Easter, Cora and I were on our way to her swim lesson and we got in a car accident. This guy cut me off and I hit the side of him.  The car didn't seem like there was a lot of damage until I tried to drive with it.  Something was wrong with the steering so I called AAA to get it towed.  We had discussed selling this car and getting a new one, so as I was watching it being towed I said a little goodbye and kind of felt good about it probably being the last time I would drive it.

Almost 5 years ago, I spent every single dollar in my savings account buying that car after I graduated college hoping that it wasn't going to break down and I would be able to find a job to build up my savings again.  It lasted me almost 5 years.  I drove it to my first 'big girl' job, spent hours teaching Ben how to drive in it, drove Cora home from the hospital in it, and many more adventures.

A couple of weeks later, my brother texted me letting me know he probably wouldn't be able to watch Cora on Tuesday (their day together) because he'd been up all night with Gus.  Gus was having a lot of seizures and my parents ended up having to put him down the next day.  It was a sad day for our family.

I spent most of my childhood wanting a puppy and my parents finally made the plunge the summer before my Freshman year of high school and I couldn't have been happier.  I loved cuddling him and taking him on walks up in the woods for my remaining four years at home. Gus always loved when I came home to visit and would stand on the side steps whining until I would pet him.  After Gus died, visiting my parent's house felt quiet and weird without him running to the door to greet me.

We haven't really said this goodbye yet, but it's been a long time coming.  There are plans to move shortly after baby #2 comes, so this one we've been processing for a while and for some reason is hardest to wrap my head around.  We moved into our apartment four years ago when I was three months pregnant with Cora.  We kept having plans to move, but it just never felt right so we continued to adjust and make this little place work for us (adding a nursery area and rearranging every single piece of furniture a million times) and it's been the first place that truly felt like home since I moved out of my parent's house.  It's our first place together and the only place Cora has known as home, so it's a little hard to leave. Once we found out we were pregnant with babe #2, we decided that we had to move out soon because two adults, two kids, and a dog was a little too much for a one bedroom apartment... especially when Ben is staying at home with the babies all day.  I started feeling more nostalgic for our apartment than just enjoying our time here.

So, that's a couple major things that have been happening over the last 6 months. I have some little projects and stuff to share soon whenever I get some free time. :)

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