Weekend Zoo Trip

We had the best weekend last weekend.  Generally half of our weekend days are filled with hanging around the house and resting because Ben is tired from working nights and I'm tired from being pregnant, but last weekend we both had huge bursts of energy and got out to do so many activities as a family.  
Saturday morning we went to the zoo to see the new baby giraffe named Cora.  When I told my Cora that the new baby was named Cora, she gave me a huge hug and thanked me because she thought I somehow got them to name it after her.  She loved seeing her giraffe and kept asking if she would get to feed it.
We also enjoyed some lunch at the zoo then walked around to see the new hippos and a couple other animals.  I got world's biggest soft serve ice cream and felt like an A-hole sitting near the playground eating it because I heard a handful of kids asking their parents for ice cream... oops!
It was a great trip and we got a bunch of other errands and together-time fit in throughout the weekend, so we're already hoping next weekend gets here quickly.

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