Conversations With Cora : Part III

Cora is pretty funny and her comedic timing is pretty spot on and she makes me laugh hysterically at least once a day.  I wish I could remember everything she says, but this is the best I could manage lately.

"I want to be President!  and a Firefighter... and I want a phone... in a box!"

"When I grow up, I want to be a toothbrush."

When talking about going back to school "Everyone wants to play with me"

On her way to school, she told ben that she was going to find a boyfriend this year.

Favorite part of her first day:  "Peepeeing at school"

When our air conditioner went out during a super hot week:

Small firework went off  "It was a TOOT!"

When trying to give us high fives "Cut the pickle!  Up High... Down Slow... Missed me."

"I lost Grandpa's whistle... Lets pray for it.  Thank you for my whistle.  Help us to find it. Amen!"

Sang a sharing song with Cora... she responded with "Share share share, that's not a good idea... Share share share, for kids only!!!"

PRURS = prayers

TEND = pretending

COCKAMOLE = quacamole

Cora: you can cuddle with Lambie
Me: okay, cause nobody is cuddling with me
Cora: Maybe you can cuddle yourself

Cora loves for me to tell her about our family members that are in Heaven and share what they were like  "Lets talk about dead people.  Who else is in Heaven?"

"Goodnight, don't let the bugs eat you!  Santa told me that... and Boppa told Santa"

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