A Little Something Pretty...

Saturday, the girls and I spent most of the day outside.  My mom dropped off Cora from her sleepover along with some yard tools and flowers.  I dug out some pots from the garage (still working on unpacking everything) and set up a little potting station on top of one of the raised garden beds I've been tearing up.  Cora had so much fun helping with the flowers and digging around the yard all day.  We planted the leftover pansies in our front garden with the help of our neighbor's grandson. We uncovered a whole bunch of snakes and had quite the time screaming and running around each time a new snake would come out.  After all of the excitement, the girls and I hung out on the steps until dad came home.  It's fun to have a little something pretty in the midst of all of the mess of cleaning up the yard.

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