Walks With Cora : Neighborhood Flowers

Nearly everyday, we've been trying to get out of the house and go for a walk.  Most days we cut through to the playground or putz around the yard, but yesterday we did more of a slow walk around the neighborhood before we headed to the playground.  Cora is really into all of the flowers and loves when she finds something that she recognizes (dandelion, grape hyacinth, buttercup, etc).  We both love to point out all of the colorful flowering trees in the hood and Cora always finds some flowers to pick (I only let her pick the wildflowers or ones between the sidewalk and street) so she can carry them along on our journey. We finished the day by dropping our chores and heading outside to see the sunset. It was a ordinary and perfect weeknight.

I'm not sure why this picture is all blown out like this, but it makes me chuckle because Cora always insists she's orange... then I look at some pictures and sometimes she really does look orange.

 See more pictures of my regular #walkswithCora on Instagram.

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