Life With Ida : 15 Months

Another month and Ida is growing so fast. This month was fun as we started getting into the holiday spirit. Ida loved the end of fall and playing in the leaves, trying out some Thanksgiving foods (loved green bean casserole), and spending our darker evenings cuddling in bed and enjoying holiday movies. I'm loving her spunky personality and this little grumpy face that she makes constantly.
Ida loves loves loves dogs. She squeals whenever she sees a puppy and can't wait to get a big old kiss on her face from my parent's dog. She is Clovey's biggest fan and loves when they get to spend time together. She also loves our outdoor time and walks, so when she gets outdoor time with Clove, she couldn't be happier.

We've had a lot of family events and she is slowly warming up to people. She's still pretty selective with who she'll cuddle with and how long, but baby steps. Speaking of steps... Ida is always globbed on to me, so most of my family hasn't even seen her walk. Now that she's warming up, they're getting to see her walk and they get so excited. It is so funny to us because she's nonstop running around the house. Ida also really loves all of the eating we get to do at family events.... which is a lot.

Ida loves to run around and wrestle with her big sister, but she's also a fan of a lazy afternoon eating popcorn and watching movies in bed. When I work from home, I have a couple hours where Cora is at school and Ida isn't quite ready for a nap, but I need a distraction so I can focus on work. We make some popcorn and turn on Trolls. We both love our little weekly tradition. When I was pregnant with Ida, I had to have popcorn every single day. It's kind of fun to watch her get excited about the air popper and chowing down on that same food that was a pregnancy craving.
One thing that has always made me giggle is the way Ida wakes up. No matter what time she wakes up, she'll pop up on her arms and look around immediately. If it's in the middle of the night, she'll do a little quick nose breathing/giggle because she knows she's supposed to be sleeping. I've moved her back into my bed for a while because we've been sick and the extra stress has not made bedtimes very easy. I'll start moving her back into Cora's room after Christmas.
Ida Rue, I love you sweet baby. You make me the luckiest Momma in the world.

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