Ten on Ten

Ten photos from over the weekend (including Friday). We spent the weekend resting and celebrating Boppa's life. The girls and I spent lots of time cuddling and watching holiday movies, but we also spent a lot of time running around doing our regular errands and helping get things ready for the funeral.

We made an trip to the 'SAMple' store and Cora was disappointed they didn't have any samples out at 9am, so we enjoyed an early morning pizza slice as soon as the cafe opened. The girls aren't especially helpful when we're shopping, but they make grocery store trips much more fun as we have lots of giggles.
I worked on the photo poster board for Boppa's funeral and I loved looking back at the many many memories that were captured through these photos. I love that my grandparents and family did such a good job documenting things through the years. At his funeral, all of his carvings were displayed. It was cool looking at his awesome craftsmanship and Cora enjoyed arranging the little Santas as we helped setup.

Saturday it snowed and Cora could not have been more excited. She played out on the patio by herself while I washed dishes and watched her through the kitchen window. She'd go out and play for a little, then come back in and chat with us before heading back outside. Our house looks a little better covered in snow, so I'm looking forward to a heavier snowfall later in the season. Ida didn't seem that interested in playing outside and really just wanted cuddles.

We received a beautiful flower arrangement from the funeral that we can enjoy in the coming week. I'm usually not one for flowers, but I love getting glances of it as I pass through the kitchen or how it jazzes up our table as we eat carry-out for dinner. Cora has been nonstop asking for hot chocolate, so we've been making it together and spending time sitting around the kitchen table as we enjoy our treat.

Have a good week!

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