When Cora Met Ida

When I shared Ida's birth story, I mentioned I was having a hard time getting these specific pictures off of my camera. Welp, it has been a year and it finally happened. These are some of my favorite pictures in the entire world and they give me all the heart eyes when I look at them.
One of the sweetest things about having a second child is watching my children fall in love with each other. Little Cora was obsessed with babies and was constantly asking for a sibling before we got pregnant with Ida. Cora loved cuddling up with my belly and couldn't wait to meet her baby sister.  When it finally came time for them to meet, Cora held Ida for about 20 seconds while we took these sweet photos. She said "done!" and was ready to run around the room and hang out with all the visitors. 

In the two years since these pictures, it has been so fun to watch their bond grow. Cora has been mostly sweet and helpful with her little sister and Ida is obsessed with her big sister. I love watching these two together... even if they're fighting. These two babes make me the luckiest mommy in the whole world.

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