Life With Ida : 2 Years

I'm looking back at all my Life With Ida updates and loving all the pictures of baby Ida. I'm enjoying seeing how much has changed in the last year and seeing all the progress our sweet Ida has made.
Ida is always making her grumpy face and it's one of my favorite things. She is super grumpy when she meets new people... and it's always a fun surprise when she doesn't have a grumpy face when she meets somebody. Some days she is grumpy and mean mugging at everyone we pass and other days she is smiley and waving to every single person we see.

Ida is getting more and more independent and it is so fun to watch all the things she is learning. This week, she can finally open the fridge and she's constantly disappearing and reappearing with a yogurt in her hand.  One day, I heard her go in the fridge and I told her from the next room "you better not come back in here with a yogurt in your hand" and she peeks around the corner with a yogurt and her sweet little voice was just like "peeeasse!" followed by all of us cracking up. I also love her little voice saying 'thank you' whenever you help her with something.

Ida is really into chanting (just like the rest of our family) and she'll always find something to chant. She was really into her birthday with all the chants of "fashion show" and her name. Sometimes when there is a game behind our house, we'll walk over to grab a little treat from the concession stand. As soon as she hears we're going over, she'll start chanting "treat! treat! treat!" and it is the cutest thing hearing her little voice chanting.
Ida is quite the fashionista. She loves to pick out her own clothes which often includes a pair of sunglasses. Our neighbors gave us a little tinkerbell nightgown hand-me-down and that has been Ida's favorite article of clothing lately. I love seeing the random things she picks to wear.

Ida loves to color... but also loves to be a stinker and color all over her body. When I work from home, she usually colors next to me for a bit. When she's really concentrating on coloring, she puts her hand up to her face and it's the cutest thing.

As always, Ida loves going out on walks. This month, we found a new-to-us discovery garden and our favorite backyard filled with black-eyed susans. Ida is always the first to request to go 'ouside' and runs off to get her shoes whenever we talk about going on a walk.

Happy 2nd birthday sweet Ida! We love watching you grow and can't wait to see everything the next year has in store for you. We love you so much and we're lucky to have you in our family.

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