Long Living Room Shelf

Ben bought a projector and needed a lowered spot to mount it. We decided to finally add some bookshelves to the living room. Due to the layout, there is really only one spot for us to put the projector and screen. We looked at a couple options and decided to run a shelf along the whole wall to make ample space for all our books. We settled on these IKEA brackets and boards (sorry, can't find the link). We spent the rest of the afternoon calculating, measuring, and installing.

Months later, we're still working on unloading the rest of our books, but I'll share an updated picture of the projector setup and books whenever we have everything up there.
Today marks two years since we closed on our house!  See before pictures and a house tour that I'm working on continuously updating when I post about projects. We have loved making this place a home so far and we can't wait to see what else this home has in store for us.

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