Living Room : Progress

We haven't done much in here yet and I didn't even clean up the table before I took some of these pictures so sorry (not sorry) for the mess... also, sorry the pictures suck. As a reminder, here is the before: 

The blinds were messed up when we moved in, so we threw some black sheer curtains up since we didn't have tons of money to spend.  We purchased new couches and put some other furniture in here, but otherwise it is almost the exact same as the day we moved in. We did take of the closet door so we have quick access to it. We store most of our tools and project stuff in here because we use everything pretty frequently.
Last weekend I got some curtains from IKEA and I originally used the same curtain rod until I could get Ben to help hang the new one (we don't have a ladder and it's too tall for me to reach).

Sunday, Ben hung the curtains higher and wider and it looks so much better.  We probably won't do too much with this room until we have more time and vision for the space, but we're happy with how it looks for now.
To do list:
+ paint (no idea on the color yet... maybe white, or a dark blue.)
+ window covering situation (add blinds?)
+ add a projector for TV viewing?
+ some kind of shelving for all our books
+ hang art and pictures

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