Christmas DIY Roundup

Leading up to the holidays, I love to spend any extra time crafting. Making ornaments is generally pretty easy and quick and there is so much inspiration out there. I've shared a bunch of Christmas DIY's in the past and wanted to do a quick round up of them in one space.
PAINTED ORNAMENTS - I shared these last week and it was the easiest DIY for all ages. They look so perfect on the tree and I can't wait to make more in the next couple weeks leading up to Christmas.

HANDPRINT SANTA - I kind of forgot about this one until we pulled out the ornaments, but it is definitely my favorite. We're going to try to make some more this year and we're excited about the endless possibilities of hat and skin colors that we can pick.
DIY GIFT WRAPPING - This is super easy and saves money! Last year, we used leftover paint from our Handprint Santas and Cora helped paint lines all over the paper. I have also used crayons/markers in different lines, triangles, diamonds, and plus signs. It is fun to make and I love adding a little DIY touch to presents.

PAINTED PICTURE MAT - This is an easy and fun DIY for younger kids and is a great gift idea for any holiday. Pro tip: dots all over the mat helps the kids cover the entire thing and keeps it from paint from getting too muddy.

YARN WRAPPED MONOGRAM - I get a lot of inspiration from Target's holiday section and this is one that I finally got around to making. I plan on making more of these this year so Ida and I can have our initials on the tree too.
PAINTED NUTCRACKER - This is by far my FAVORITE Christmas DIY! My dad collects nutcrackers and this was the perfect present for him... I'm basically always going to feel like I can never top this gift. It was fun to make and we love seeing it displayed every December.

DIY ULTRASOUND ORNAMENT - This one is pretty popular on my Pinterest. Five years ago, it was the only DIY Ultrasound Ornament pins and now they are a bajillion... so I'm basically an ornament trendsetter. This is still a favorite DIY and the only thing I would change is I would make more so that we could have one at our own house.

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