DIY Ultrasound Ornament

I recently announced that I am pregnant!  At the beginning of December, we went for an ultrasound and it was revealed that we would be having a girl(!!!).  We immediately took the ultrasound pictures to Walgreens and got a bunch of copies so we can share them with people... I also hate only having one copy of stuff like this because things just break or get ruined when I'm near them. (seriously)

I wanted to make a special 'reveal' without having a party or some kind of baked good, so I embraced the holiday season and made an ornament.
+Ornament - these plastic ornaments are from Michael's (50% off!) for about $0.75 each.
+pink (or blue) ribbon
+copies of the ultrasound <$.50 each
Total cost of each ornament: $1.25

1. Cut the ultrasound to the desired size
2. Trace ultrasound cutout on a plain piece of paper
3. Put the child's name and/or year on the paper  (I made several copies of this)
4. Glue the name/date paper to the back of the photo and trim excess
5. After drying, roll up the picture and put it in the ornament.  Use eraser end of pencil to flatten out.
6. Replace the top of the ornament and tie ribbon around the top.  (I also chose to add a paperclip hook)
7. Wrap and give to family & friends and wait for their awesome reactions

I only made a couple of these.  I gave one to my parents, one to my Godmother, and one to Ben's aunt.  My Godmother's reaction was by far my favorite.  I hadn't told her I had gone to the doctor and found out the gender yet so she was very surprised and excited for the news.

Update: It looks like this post is pretty popular right now (thanks to Pinterest) and I just wanted to share a picture of the backside of the ornament. It is a little curled up so it is hard to see from this angle, but it just says 'Cora Jean Dec 2012'

Also, I found some options on Amazon. This one is most like the ones I used, but these look great as well.

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