Basement Stairwell : The Beginning

We have been super busy the last month or so with work, dealing with a frozen pipe/water leak (more on that another time), and just day-to-day stuff that comes with both of us working full time and having two kids. I'm trying to get back into blogging regularly and catching up on sharing some of the projects I've been working on over the last two months.
I have no true before pictures of this space, but believe me when I say it was pretty creepy. The walls were dark green/gray and splotchy and it was overall just dingy. This isn't a space that sees much traffic, so it is super low on the list of priorities.
There was a bunch of leftover paint in the pan whenever I was working on another space like painting the girls' room doors, priming the bathroom, or painting the dining room (more on the last two soon). As I was bringing the paint to rinse off in the utility sink (in the basement) I knew it was such a waste to just rinse it down the drain. I decided to take any extra paint in the pan and roll it on the walls in the stairwell. None of it matched and I didn't do a thorough job painting, but I was able to brighten up the space a bit with materials that most people would get rid of.
My main use for this space is to go in and out multiple times a day when I take the dog out. I was hanging all of the dog stuff (leashes, bags, etc) and my coats all on these two little peg hooks that came with the house. I knew I needed to make this space more functional, but had very little budget to do so.

I grabbed an extra shelf from Ben's studio space aka former walk-in closet (see before here), an old fishing basket I got from my Grandpa (for plastic bags), and purchased a dog hook from IKEA. It took less than 30 minutes to hang everything up and make this space sooo much more functional.
This space still isn't much to look at, but it works for me for now while I cross off other things on my home to-do list.

+ Patch the walls
+ Paint the dog hook white and brown like Clovey
+ Update lighting/electrical
+ Fix and paint the door
+ Install smart locks 
+ Paint? Wallpaper?
+ Make cute curtains for the door

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