Learning New Skills : Embroidery

My aunt makes the cutest embroidered hand towels (you can see her Santa one in my holiday post) and this has been a craft I've been wanting to learn lately, so I asked her to teach me. She taught me to cross stitch when I was little, so I remember a bit from that. We picked up some supplies and she showed me some of the basic stitches to get me started. My aunt chuckled at the retro themed patterns I picked out (this includes a cassette tape, roller skates, and much more), but I knew this radio would be perfect for Ben. After a bit of practicing the basic stitches, I got to work.

This piece probably could have been done at this point, but I also really love embroidery art that is completely filled in so I kept going. I started to fill some of the smaller pieces. I liked how it was progressing so I just went ahead and filled in everything I could.

Once I could see the end in sight, I hunkered down and finished up the piece while the girls were watching a movie (probably Incredibles 2 again). I'm still working on finding the right framing solution for this, but it is fun to have the piece finished.

I'm going to take a little break before my next piece, but I love perusing through #modernembroidery to see some other fun projects. Also, check out one of my favorite embroidery artists Danielle Clough on Instagram

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