Learning New Skills: Dyeing With Avocado Pits

I've been reading about natural dyeing and decided to try out dyeing with avacado pits. You guys! This is seriously one of the easiest DIYs and it is perfect for a beginner! I was a little intimidated at first, but it couldn't have been easier. I collected pits over a couple of months. I put some in a bag in the freezer and some pits I would wrap in a damp paper towel to try to grow some plants (jury is still out on that process). I had a couple free hours one Saturday morning and started a boiling pot of avocado pits.
1. Boil pot of water and 10ish avocado pits for about 30 minutes... or until water is dark red.

2. Remove avacado pits, reduce heat to a simmer, and put in fabric. 

3. Let fabric sit for about 10 minutes to achieve blush color. I let the second batch of fabric sit a couple minutes longer so it is slightly pinker.

Some tutorials say to wash with specific types of soap. I just rinsed with cold water and hung it to dry.

This was such an easy DIY! I have started collecting avocado pits again and wracking my brain for what else I can dye.

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