Last week, BC [the bf] and I decided to go on walk around the neighborhood since the weather was nice.  We were passing over a little bridge and I glimpsed a little bit of graffiti down this waterway thing. I saw a bunch of pipes with this water [I hope] coming out of it.  I was just thinking about how cool it would be if someone put a face there and then I saw this!

This is some of the newest graffiti.  The colors are insane!  It kind of looks like two chickens fighting with a foot stomping on them.

This Beroki guy had a ton of stuff down there.  Not sure if these are from the same person.  The faces are my favorite!

Super excited about checking out the new stuff people put down there in the future!


  1. Cool! Where is that? You should tell Hannah and you guys should go looking for graffiti together. She loves it.

  2. In Oakley. I've also heard of some other ones.


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