Milk Glass

I have this old clear glass from my grandparent's cottage that was kind of scuffed up and not really clear anymore.  So, I turned to this tutorial for DIY Milk Glass.
Right before I started, I remembered I had these Geese patterned containers in my trunk that I used for flour and sugar (I think they were from my parent's wedding).  I decided they needed a makeover.
I made sure to wash them all and took off the metal and rubber parts of the containers and went for the spray paint.  I also bought this little spray paint gun thing that makes it a little easier to paint (no cramping fingers on bigger painting jobs).  It was only $2.99 and works pretty well.
I sprayed the containers with the lids on so that they can still be used to store baking stuff in.  I did two or three coats each and sanding drips off between coats.  Here are the final products:

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