Cora Jean

I'm back!  I've been pretty busy the last month with our new arrival!
On May 1st, Ben and I went into the hospital for the arrival of our baby girl.  We had a version (to turn the baby around) scheduled at 6:30am.  Ten hours, lots of waiting, a failed epidural, and failed version later we went in for a c section.
At 5:34pm we welcomed our baby girl Cora Jean into the world.  I could immediately hear her crying, but I couldn't see her due to the divider.  After they wiped her up a little, they brought her around and I got my first glimpse of my daughter.  As soon as we met, she stopped crying.  We spent the next half hour or so (I had no concept of time at that point) cuddling and looking at each other before they moved us into recovery.  In recovery, Ben was able to hold Cora for the first time.
We spent the next couple of days in the hospital recovering... and getting a lot of visitors!  We brought Cora home on that Saturday and she got to meet Clove.  Clove is a huge fan of sniffing Cora, but we're not sure Cora is much of a fan of Clove so far.
I've had the whole month of May off of work and it has been fun getting to know Cora and learning how this new member fits into our family. I'm looking forward seeing this little babes grow up in the years to come.

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