Father's Day Weekend

This weekend was a pretty eventful one for us.  We're starting to get away from the we-have-a-newborn-so-we-sit-at-home-all-of-the-time kind of weekend and actually go do stuff.  Friday night, Ben and I went on a date and left our baby for the first time.  We left her with my sister and only for two hours so it wasn't much of a stretch, but it was nice to go out to dinner and get some one-on-one time without having to keep an eye on the baby or stress when she's crying in public.

Saturday, I hung out at my parent's house and worked on some Father's day gifts for Ben.  For one of the gifts, I painted "daddy's little goobie" on a plain onesie.  Goobie is Cora's little nickname when we're being goofy.  I used acrylic paint and fabric medium.  For the word 'little' I used a gold paint pen.  Here are pics of the onesie:
On Sunday, I brought Cora over to my parent's for a Father's day lunch with my siblings.  I hung out there for a while then we went home and just relaxed the rest of the night and Ben opened his gifts.  Here are some pictures of Cora in her outfit with her daddy:

she loves sleeping like this

I have a journal for Cora where I put some pictures and notes to her after her birth and plan on slowly filling it in the future.  I thought I would make one for Ben with pictures, hand/footprints, and notes from me, the puppy, and Cora.  I filled a couple pages and look forward to filling it up with Cora's pictures, notes, and drawings in the holidays to come.  Here are a couple pictures of the less personal pages:
my page (my note is in the envelope)
Clove's page (see attempt at getting paw print)
We stayed up way too late cuddling with baby Cora and now it is one of those Mondays... worth it!

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