DIY No Sew Baby Headband

       +rectangle about 3" x 6"
       +a bunch of small triangles with sides about 1/2"-2" (does not have to be precise)
+hot glue gun
+elastic (I purchased mine from this Etsy shop)

1. Pinch triangle so the midpoint of the triangle comes to a point
2. Hot glue the point to the rectangle
3.Cover one third of the rectangle (covered area should be about 3" x 2"
4. Determine the length of elastic needed and hot glue ends together
5. Covering the glued ends, start gluing the non-covered end of the rectangle while wrapping it around the elastic.  You should end with the spiky part on the outside overlapping where you started gluing the rectangle.

This is so easy to do, and looks better when you are a little 'messier' with it.  No need to make perfect cuts.  This takes about 15 minutes overall.

I added these to my Etsy shop if you're interested in purchasing a headband with this fabric.

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