Life With Cora :: 5 Months

I got to bring Cora into work with me for a half day on her 5 month 'birthday'.  She was the best baby ever!  My coworkers were all impressed with how friendly she was and how little she whined.  I loved getting to spend the extra time with her and watching how she reacts in a new environment.

She is my favorite Snapchat subject.
We started her on 'real food' at the end of this month.  We just got her some rice cereal, but she has enjoyed it so far.  She likes to grab my hand with the spoon and bring it towards her mouth (kind of like she does with a bottle).  She is also starting to really enjoy splashing around during her bath time.
Also, she is completely in love with her Daddy and always wants to be around him.  I love watching them play and cuddle with each other.  She is definitely Daddy's little girl.
This has probably been my favorite age so far  I know I always say this, but I've really loved watching Cora grow and learn this month.  Her personality is really developing and she is always 'talking' and rolling around playing.  Even on the days she doesn't sleep a lot, she is very generous with her smiles.


  1. Soooo cute! I love that bird shirt she is wearing!

    1. Thanks! My mom bought it for her. It is one of my current favorite outfits.


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