Life With Cora :: 11 Months

This is the last monthly update before Cora turns ONE!!!  A year ago, I was attending showers for Cora, prepping her nursery area, and trying to get everything squared away before the baby came along.  Now we're planning her first birthday.  Crazy!
This month, Cora took her first steps!  I'm still blown away by that moment.  She hasn't walked unassisted since, but has been cruising up a storm practicing for when she decides she wants to walk again.  She has been doing a lot of standing on her own and we're always waiting to see if she'll walk again or not.
There were a couple weeks off, but we have been enjoying swimming lessons on most Saturdays.  She's great at floating on her back (with a little help) and loves watching the other toddlers in the class.  It also tires her out for the rest of the day so we get to have lazy Saturdays.
Cora has been into this fake crying thing for a while.  She scrunches up her eyes real tight and then starts fake crying.  Usually I just say "hey, you faker!" and she will quit.  Sometimes she'll smile mischievously and act like she wasn't crying.
Lately, Cora has become obsessed with Clove.  She always crawls over to pet her, taunts her with food at the dinner table, tries to give Clove kisses, and will take any chance to crawl all over the puppy.  We're working on being gentle, but they are quickly becoming best friends.

Cora has been extra snuggly with me this month.  She was always really cuddly with Ben and other family members, but not so much with me unless she was nursing.  Now she is always calling for me "mmmmmMAaaMmaaa!" or crawling up on me and clutching me tightly.  I'm loving the extra cuddles.
She'll be turning ONE in no time!

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