Inspiration: Weaving II

Here is a follow up from yesterday's post with some more weaving inspiration.  I mostly find new artists from Instagram and looking through hashtags like #weaving, so that is why these posts are pretty IG heavy.

I recently came across Courtney and Nicky from Warped Threads on Instagram.  I didn't realize there were two different people behind Warped Threads until I was writing this post, but it helps explain the range of colors and designs that are offered in their Etsy shop.  I love their feed because there is so much diversity among their pieces.  Here are a couple favorites:

Another Instagrammer that I love following along with is ShopHelloChiqui.  She shares some great weavings of her own, regrams of other artists, quick video tutorials, and updates from her shop.

That's it for now. I'm sure as I dive deeper into the world of weaving I'll find some more inspiration to share and I'll eventually share some of my own (working full time and trying to get photos in natural light has proved to be a challenge).  If I don't make it back here next week, Happy Holidays!

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