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It has been a quite a while since I've shared an inspiration post, but my inspiration has been all over the place lately.  Maybe it is just all of the blogs I read, but weaving just came out of nowhere and is starting to gain traction.  It's a great way to add texture and art to a room at the same time.

I was reintroduced to weaving by Rachel from Smile and Wave.  She has been doing some weavings lately that are so fun.  I love seeing them together as a collection.  She also gives some weaving tutorials over on A Beautiful Mess (see here and here)

Maryann Moodie has some amazing weavings.  I creeped on her Instagram way back when and found some of her first weavings from more than two years ago.  Seeing her first pieces and seeing how she has developed is really encouraging for a beginner like me.  I pretty much screenshot every instagram she posts and save it for inspiration.  Here is one of her collections and a couple of my favorite pieces:

A photo posted by Maryanne Moodie (@maryannemoodie) on

A photo posted by Maryanne Moodie (@maryannemoodie) on

I love the color combinations she picks. To learn more about her, check our her Etsy shop, her house tour on Etsy, and a day in the Life of Maryanne Moodie on Design Sponge

Another one of my favorite weavers to follow on Instagram is Melissa Washin.  Maryann Moodie shared a shot of Melissa's weavings a couple months ago on Instagram and I have been following along ever since.  When I was creeping on her Instagram, I found some of her first weavings and they were only from 11 months ago.  Seriously?!  She's only done this for 11 months and she is this good?! Here are some of my favorites:

I think the 'siblings' in the last picture are my favorite.  I love that they coordinate and I like the threads of green and blue in the fringe.  Check out her Etsy shop for more.

As I'm exploring on Instagram, I'm finding more and more artists that I'm loving their work and I'll probably have another post of weavings and artists that I'm inspired by.  I still need to photograph the pieces that I just finished, but stay tuned for some pictures of those in the near (probably after Christmas) future.  Have you been noticing a weaving trend lately?  Or is it just me?

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