Life These Days

Life feels so frantic lately, like there is so much going on and there isn't time to fit everything in the day. Even on the calmest day I still feel like my mind is going a mile a minute. Maybe it's the time of year, or maybe I just have too many ideas and not enough time.
We've traded in our evening walks for cuddles and creating. I miss the sun and spending time outdoors every evening with my girl, but I know that this is just a season.
Since we have been spending so much time inside, we've had to come up with some more activities for Cora to do. I pulled out some of my smaller canvases and foam brushes and let this girl go wild. It was fun to watch her realize that she could move this blob around and the color would spread. She tries to eat the paint and cries if she gets too much paint on her body, but overall it is a fun activity. She moves from using the 'wrong' side of the brush to the foam part to using her fingers. It is so beautiful to watch her make art uninhibited when I have spent my life being trained to follow the rules and continually assess and plan whenever I'm creating.
Maybe I'm inspired by Cora or maybe some other spark has been lit inside me, but I have had so much motivation to create in the last month or two. I've had so many ideas and I'm trying to find any spare minute I can to bring my ideas to life. Just in the last week, I finished a large weaving (more on that in another post), started another weaving for a Christmas present, made a hat from an old sweater for Cora (below), and started painting again. Hopefully this motivation continues through the winter because it has been so fun for my family to create together and encourage each other in our individual passions.
Since a lot of the things we've been working on are for Christmas, I can't share pictures for another couple weeks, but there should be lots of eye candy and posts coming your way.

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