Large Triangle Weaving

I mentioned a couple months ago that I started weaving using a cardboard loom.  I've been seeing a lot of weavings popping up around pinterest and blogland.  Despite being extremely intimidated, I finally decided to have a go at making a larger weaving.  I love seeing pictures and hearing the thought process on DIY projects, so I thought I'd share some behind-the-scene details (bear with me on the picture quality).
I made my own loom using an old canvas frame and nails and then I got to weaving.  This piece took me quite a while because its not really a craft that can be done with a toddler running around and I took breaks between each color to make sure I liked where I was going.  I started out with a general plan, but I also kept myself open to going with the flow if I was feeling something else in the moment.

I took a two month break here because I wasn't sure exactly what color I wanted to use, then I couldn't find the right shade of green.  Green is my favorite color, but I'm very particular about the shade.
I didn't like the original plan for the fringe once I saw it in person.  I let it sit for a couple of days before I made the plunge, then I trimmed it up and made little tassels from the scraps.
I picked a fluffy white yarn for the background of the piece to bring in texture.  It was amazing how long it took me to weave the triangles, but the white filled in so quickly because of the size and fluff.

It took about 2 hours tops to fill in the white, but I was so happy with the look and I was almost finished.

We hung it up in Cora's nursery area so we can all enjoy it.  I'm hoping to take some better pictures of the weaving and nursery changes once I'm home when there is daylight in our apartment... so in the spring.  This project kind of felt like the baby quilt where I was extremely intimidated to start and paused between each step, but in hindsight it wasn't very difficult and I love the results.  Have you ever tried weaving?  Have you ever had a project you were intimidated to try, but it ended up not being all that hard when you finished?

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