Weaving Number Two

For the holiday, I always exchange presents with my friend Jazz... and my present for her is always 2-3 weeks behind.  She got me and awesome giraffe cardboard taxidermy head thing and the most perfect infinity scarf ever (great pattern, draping, volume.  basically everything you need in a scarf)... and I just made her this woven wall hanging.  I knew Jazz would be the perfect recipient of a woven wall hanging and I was just itching to make another one after finishing my large triangle weaving.  I not so slyly asked her about colors she likes and what would fit in her decor (I'm sure she fully knew what I was making her because she's always up on her Facebook and IG stalking).  She basically likes all colors so I just went for it.
I started with some scraps from some fabric I got in Africa.  I love the way it brings in pattern, texture, and metallics, but doesn't dominate the piece.  I planned a small weaving with a simple hourglass shape because my large weaving took so long to make.  Once I started, I was flying through the green part so I decided to go ahead and make it a larger/longer piece.

I knew I wanted to add the white fluffy yarn because I love the texture it brings in... Then it sat like this for a couple days while I decided between a couple different colors for the other areas.
I originally wanted to bring in a mustard yellow because I know she likes that and it would work well with the African scrap fabric, but I wasn't 100% sure.  I eventually decided that the yellow and green were the same shade and it really needed black for more contrast.

Finished up the black and added the fringe... trimmed the fringe... wasn't so sure about the fringe length/shape so let it sit for a couple days... then finally declared the piece finished.

photo by Jazz
Jazz loved the present and has it hanging up near her fan from Asia just like our weaving is hanging near the fan she gifted me.  I love that we both hung our weavings and fans in a similar fashion.

I love making projects for gifts, so this was really fun for me!  I also took some 'nice' pictures with my DSLR of the finished project, so I'll share those whenever I get around to uploading... so stay tuned!

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  1. I am always up on my Facebook and Instagram stalking ;)


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