DIY Birthday Banners/Garland

I made a bunch of decorations for Cora's first birthday and I thought I'd finally get around to sharing them.  These banners and garland are great because they can be stored and reused for many birthdays to come.  I'm hoping to list them in my Etsy shop soon, but if you're interested in them before that time comes you can always email or message me to set something up.

1. Cut black felt in quarters.
2. Cut white felt in 6 pieces.  Fold in half hotdog style and cut, then fold in 3rds hamburger style.
3. Cut the white pieces into letters (I freehanded, but might help to trace it out in pencil)
4. Sew white felt letters to black background using zig zag stitch.  The felt does a great job sticking together, but it wouldn't hurt to pin the pieces together if you're less confident or a perfectionist.
5. Once all of the letters are finished, sew to the ribbon using zig zag stitch.  Decide beforehand whether you want spaces between the letters or not.

Almost 6 sheets made about 20 feet of garland.  It is so easy and is made pretty similar to the tissue paper streamer I made here with a couple small changes.
1. Cut felt into triangles.  It helps to cut felt into  2" strips and then cut those into triangles.
2. Mix all of the colors together.
3. Grab one or two triangles at a time arranging them so you're never sewing over more than three triangles at one time (with the tissue paper streamer, you want a minimum of three stacked at a time)
4. Hang and enjoy!

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