Life has been 'busy' for us in the most unbusy way.  We always try to be intentional in slowing down and enjoying life with each other, but in doing so I kind of feel like I'm forgetting to document things (not just on this blog, but in journals, photos, etc)... so long story short, it's better late than never.  I know I've shared these on IG and/or Facebook, but I always love to remember the stories and day behind the photos.

Easter is such a great holiday because we're celebrating something huge, but there isn't tons of fuss around the holiday.  Our Easters always look similar schedule-wise (same church, often the same house, and usually the same people), but are so relaxed and enjoyable.
We headed to church early to participate in the Easter Egg Hunt.  Cora is always shy, but warmed up a little when she saw her cousins.  Cora mostly just walked around the graveyard looking at flowers and occasionally would stumble upon an Easter Egg.  She eventually got some help from her older cousins and friend that would drop their eggs and help Cora 'find' them.
 Once Cora found out the eggs were holding candy, she was a little more excited about her finds.
After church, we had a potluck at my parents house... So much delicious food!  My cousins decided to put a hard-boiled egg yolk on a stick and pass it off as a sucker. Predictably, my dad fell for the trick and the egg yolk exploded all over the room when he went eat the 'candy'.  I'm guessing that this is going to be a regular prank at all our future Easter gatherings.
The weather was perfect and we spent the rest of the day hanging out outside chatting, laughing, getting sunburned, and watching the kids run around.

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