Life With Cora : 23 months

This is my new favorite age!
The warm weather has brought our family out of hybernation and we have done lots of adventuring the last couple weeks.  We've been trying to get to the park almost every day to get Cora running around outside and playing.  It is so fun to see her try out different parts of the playground and interact with other kids.  She loves saying 'hi' to other kids and parents, but gets really shy beyond the initial greeting.
Because Cora is older and it's so much easier to get out the door, the three of us have been going everywhere together.  We love going on errands, hitting up different parks, going shopping, riding around in the car, and going out for little treats.
Cora will do whatever she can to make us laugh.  She loves finding out what we think is funny and making sure she gets some extra laughs.  She loves to do goofy faces/voices and fake sneezing... but if all else fails, a goofy dance will always do the trick.
Cora is a girl after my own heart when it comes to outdoors.  If the weather is nice, we're running around outside.  She always asks to go outside on walks and has to be dragged inside when it starts to get dark. We're both looking forward to the longer days ahead.
Cora has always been a really sweet baby giving lots of cuddles and rubbing my back, but her sweetness has really ramped up the last couple months.  She loves to lend a helping hand with dishes, picking things up, or whatever task I'm working on.  She also always making sure that Clove gets treats and extra crumbs from whatever snack or meal she is eating.  I guess it's no accident that we call her #sweetcorajean.
About a month ago, Cora started requesting me to sing to her.  She always says "too-ra" and I will sing "too ra loo ra loo ra" to her.  She will gaze into my eyes as I sing and it is the sweetest moment ever.  Occasionally, she sings along with with her sweet and croaky singing voice and I always have to pause to soak it all in.
2 years old, here we come...

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