Christmas 2016

This Christmas was a pretty great one!
As always, our family has a marathon of events for the Christmas holiday season.  We didn't have quite so many this year, but it was all still fun.  We did our regular potato sausage making one Saturday morning.  Less people participated and somehow every single link managed to burst, but it is always a fun to keep up the tradition.  Cora is old enough to participate, so she really enjoyed checking out the whole process and jumping in where she could.
My parents and I met up at the zoo for the Festival of Lights one evening.  It was a headache getting Cora out the door, battling traffic to get there, standing in the member services line because I forgot my pass, and battling the insane crowds to check out the lights. We checked out a building I'd never been in before and got a really great view of their sloth. We all ended up having a lot of fun and I'm happy that I forced us out of the house to get there.  

Thursday morning, I woke up and got some quiet time.  Cora was sleeping in, so Ida and I headed out to do some last minute grocery and present shopping.  It was weird to only have a baby and not be dragging along a baby and a toddler.  When we got home, my friend Margaret came over and hung out with us that afternoon.  As always, it's fun to catch up with her and Cora and Ida are both big fans.  
That night, we got together just our immediate family and opened our presents, had dinner, and played games.  It was a relaxed fun evening and was nice to spend some time together.

Christmas Eve, we hung out around the house all morning and finished up our present wrapping.  It was really nice to spend some lazy time together before our big family events.

Cora was in the church play, so we headed to church a little bit early.  She has a small speaking part where each of the kids talk about their word (hers was love) and what they learned about it.  During the rehearsals she'd babble on and on about things she loved and other random things.  So needless to say I was a little worried about what was going to come out of her mouth when she had a mic in front of her.  She ended up being wonderful.  She said something along the lines of "My word is love.  I love my whole friends and family" and then repeated it a couple of times.  The whole service was really beautiful and Cora really enjoyed performing in the play alongside her cousins.

After church, we headed to my Aunt and Uncle's house for dinner and presents.  It's always fun to watch the kids open their presents and see them run around together.

Christmas morning, Cora slept until about 10:30 when I had to wake her up.  Santa dropped off some stocking stuffers at our house and brought her presents to my parents, so we headed over there for breakfast and opening presents.  Cora was so sweet and passed out the presents to her sister and other family members before she even opened her own.  We had lunch and hung out for a tiny bit before we headed home to rest.
In the evening, we went back over to my parent's house to join our entire family in an evening of hanging out.  We had some great food and just chatted and relaxed with each other.  As I've already mentioned, Cora LOOOOVES her cousins so she had fun running around with them all evening.
I didn't have to work the following week, so we spent the whole week relaxing and hanging out around the house.  Cora had a sleepover with my parent's one evening, we had a family birthday party another night, and New Years Eve was just another night for us. We didn't do much all break, but I really enjoyed being able to relax and be lazy for a little bit.  I really loved getting to spend so much back-to-back time with Cora and Ida and was the perfect timing since I was missing my maternity leave.  Overall, great break!

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