Life With Ida : 4 Months

Classic second child mom right now and I'm doing a terrible job documenting everything.  I am taking a lot of pictures, but the whole move kind of threw things off so I haven't been doing monthly posts like I did with Cora... so I'll do a quick recap of the months I've missed.  I took 8 weeks off for my maternity leave and it honestly felt like Ida slept all day everyday for the first 2-3 weeks. I barely even saw her eyes open during that timeframe, and when they were open she was smitten with Ben.  I spent those first couple weeks working on getting our apartment ready to move and recovering from childbirth.  At 1 month, we went on our trip to Washington D.C. and she was pretty great that whole time.
The rest of my leave was getting the house situated and trying to have some lazy days cuddling my newborn.  The last week of my leave I fell down the stairs and hurt my tailbone, so we spent a lot of time cuddling.  Since Ida spent so much time sleeping and I still had to entertain Cora, I felt like it took me a little longer to get to know her than when Cora was a newborn.
I did half days at work for two weeks and I didn't realize how much I missed Ida until I got back home from that first day back and I just wanted to cuddle and kiss her forever.  It was at that point that I realized how much I was in love with her.  Moving on to 3-4 months pictures...
Ida is the perfect baby.  She sleeps really well, eats really well, and doesn't cry much. I'm constantly pinching myself at how lucky we've been with our babies because they are so amazing. Like if I had to find a flaw, Ida is a little whiny/clingy when she is sick and her skin is a little dry... so really she is perfect.  Even when she does cry, it's quiet.

One of my favorite things about Ida (besides how perfect she is) is her smile.  It is the best smile I have ever seen.  It lights up her face and her eyes kind of twinkle and you can't not be happy looking at her.  She is so generous with her smiles, but it's so hard to capture in photo/video so it kind of feels like our little secret.
She recently started making a cooing noise.  Generally she is pretty quiet (even when she cries), so the cooing has been so fun.  She usually does it when she's really happy or excited.  One of the first times she did it was when we were watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  Dumbledore switches the end of the year feast decorations from Slytherin to Gryffindor and she made the most excited loud coo ever.  It was so hilarious and cute.  Cora likes to make a similar noise and try to egg her on so they coo back and forth.
I'm constantly being surprised at how tiny Ida is.  She was small when she was born and has stayed consistently around the 40th percentile (which for my family is pretty tiny).  She may be small, but she is so strong and I have a feeling she is going to surprise us with her fierceness. I'm so excited to watch as she grows up and see her personality continue to come out.

Even though I don't really want to compare them, it is fun to see if Cora and Ida look alike at the same age (spoiler alert: they don't)... so here is Cora's 4 month update.  They're both completely different but perfect in their own way.  Pretty cool how that works.

To see more pictures of Ida, check out her hashtag on Instagram at #IdaRue 

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