Wedding in Washington D.C.

We made a trip to Washington DC during my maternity leave to celebrate a family wedding. We left around 11pm Thursday evening and made it there at about 9 the next morning.  It was a pretty foggy trip and had an early morning stop at McDonalds for breakfast, but driving overnight is definitely the way to go with children.  Driving through the mountain during a foggy morning sunset was stunning.
When we arrived Friday, we chilled for an hour or so and then got ready for a bridal luncheon. We got some rest in before we headed out for the rehearsal.  Cora was a flower girl and was mostly excited to spend time with her cousins.  Afterwards, we headed to the rehearsal dinner.  Cora was over all of the activities at that point, so we didn't get to stay for the whole thing.

The next morning, Cora, Ida and I met up with my parents and went to breakfast. Afterwards we walked down to the mall to check out the monuments.  The Natural Museum of African American History and Culture had just opened a week or so before so it was neat seeing that building and all of the people around.  Turns out you have to line up pretty early to get tickets, but that is definitely on our list for the next time we visit.

When my Dad and I were standing around waiting for Cora, my Mom, and cousin, there were a bunch of ladies walking by for some festival. They were waving and smiling as they walked by, then one of them realized I had a baby in my wrap.  Next thing I know, they were all crowding around me to have a peek at the baby and pat Ida curled up in her little bump.  It was the cutest thing.

We slowly made our way to the Washington monument.

After the Washington Monument, we continued on to the WWII memorial.  It is a new one since I've been to DC last so that was neat to see.  They did a really great job with that memorial.  There was an honor flight group there and I unintentionally caught a photo of a veteran tearing up as he was being pushed around.

At that point I needed to stop and nurse Ida, so I stopped by the mirror lake to relax and nurse.  We rested for a little bit, then decided that we needed to head back and get some rest before the wedding. Cora was tired so I ended up throwing her in the backpack for her to get a little nap.  It was not fun carrying both babies since Cora is getting pretty big, but totally worth it because she got a little nap.

We had a little rest and then got ready for the wedding.  Cora had to be there early to get her hair done and pictures, so I went with her and Ida a little bit early.  Cora is all about hanging out with her cousins, so it was a great time for her.

The wedding was beautiful! My cousin and her husband are the cutest couple (they even made it into the Ken Bone Izod commercial) and the venue was amazing.  Cora was a little rowdy during the food and toasts.  Once it was dancing time, Cora and I hit the dance floor for quite a while.  She refused to dance with anyone and had quite the moves.  At the end of each song she'd ask for one more.

We were on the first shuttle back to the hotel and it was midnight.  We had a good laugh that the only other people on the shuttle was my 90 year old grandpa and some of my older aunts and uncles. We headed home the next morning so we could get ready to close on our new house.  Overall, the trip was really fun and exhausting, but definitely worth all of the extra work it takes to travel with kids.

For more family vacation pictures, check out our #coopstromsonvacation hashtag.

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