For the first time in quite a while, I'm going to take a break from my twice a week posting schedule (did anybody even notice there was a schedule?!). Thanksgiving week was busy and fun and so full of family togetherness. The weekend/week that followed was not. Ida had a 100+ fever for a couple of days and she is not a happy sick person... so there have been lots of whining and lots of cuddles. This week, my Boppa (grandpa) passed away at the age of 93. He lived a long long life and we were so lucky to have him around for so long. I love picturing him being reunited with my Grandma in heaven and I can only imagine what kind of welcoming party she threw for him.

So... maybe I'll be back next week, maybe the week after... we'll see. I'll definitely be back at some point to share pictures of my adorable babes and all the Christmas activities we're participating in. I'll leave you with this picture that Cora drew for Boppa when I visited him in the hospital. She started drawing and asked "Is Boppa old? Does he have wrinkles?" followed by quite a bit of time drawing wrinkles all over the little man before she added a sweater and pants.

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