Baby Bookworms : February

Ida is super into reading and is always carrying around books. She loves bringing me books to read to her or I often find her looking through books on her own.... She's definitely my daughter. Here are some of her favorite books lately and the book I want to get Ida for Valentine's day:
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? - a fun rhymey book that we like to do little songs and read through. 

Sunny Day Point 'n' Match - a fun easy eye spy book for babies. Ida can spot a couple things, but mostly she likes squealing at all of the animals. 

SNOW - I mentioned this one in November too, but it is really a favorite of Ida's. 
Jellycat Soft Cloth Fabric Books, Pony Tails - This is one that was gifted to Cora when she was a baby, but it has long been a favorite of both my girls. It's great for the different tail textures and they love the crinkly noise that the pages make. There is also a kitty one and that looks super cute

Llama Llama I Love You - This one is on my list to buy Ida for Valentine's day. We love the Llama Llama series and it will be a perfect gift.

Check out this mean mugging face that Ida gives when Cora is reading without her.

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