Scrap Quilt

My fabric stash is being overrun with scraps from my previous quilts, so I thought I'd start a little quilt from the scraps. It was fun to try something new and not worry about measuring (which already isn't my strong suit). These are all scraps from the quilts I made for some of my favorite babies/toddlers, so it is really special to look at this and think of each and every baby. It's a little smaller than my usual quilts, so it's perfect to throw over Ida in the pumpkin seat to carry around on errands.
It took a couple of blocks of time to make the front, then the rest of the quilt took me an hour or two to complete. I'm not normally into scrappy pieces, but I'm loving how there are so many different spots throughout the quilt that I love. The longer I look at it, the more favorite little spots I find.

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