Life With Ida : 17 Months

It's been a fun month with our sweet little Ida Rue. She's getting bigger and more independent and I have love watching her flourish this month. She's constantly on the move, so most of my pictures of her this month are while she's sleeping because it's the only time she'll sit still.

About halfway through the month, she lost her last pacifier and we were just too lazy to buy her any more. It was a rough couple of nights adjusting, but overall she quickly moved on with her life. Without the paci in her mouth so much, she has done quite a bit of babbling, whining, screaming, and chatting. Ida's voice is so quiet and feels like a whisper most of the time.  I love her breathey little "yes" when I ask her if she wants something and how she understands what we're saying even though she doesn't talk.
Ida still loves running around playing with her sister. Surprisingly, she's the first one to instigate roughhousing and does a great job holding her own for such a sweet little baby. She loves to be chased and play peek-a-boo and laugh all day long. When Cora is not paying attention, Ida loves to 'steal' Cora's favorite toys and play with them. She always gives me the sneakiest grin and giggles until Cora catches her.

We're still going strong with our weekly Wednesday Troll watching tradition. After I drop Cora off at school, we turn on trolls and cuddle while I buckle down and get some work done. Its fun to see her excited face when I mention it's time for Trolls and I love hearing her little voice 'sing' along with some of the songs.
Ida is still trying any new food we put in front of her and is generally a fan of everything (except eggs). She likes spicy food and her favorite things are frozen veggies (peas, corn, etc), blueberries, raisins, and anything she can feed herself.

Ida does this cute new thing where she cuddles up in bed and tucks herself in. She does this whenever she wants to read or cuddle or even watch movies. I love watching her get herself comfy and relax and it makes me giggle every time. This sweet baby gives the best cuddles and I'm soaking it all up while I can.

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