A Couple Goodwill Scores

The girls and I hit up Goodwill on one of their 50% off days looking for some clothes for Cora (she is growing too fast). When we go, I always do a quick loop in case there is anything I must have (there usually isn't), but we had some luck this time. I'm not sure if we were just luckier than usual or if I needed a little bit of retail therapy (this was days after our water pipe burst), but months later, I still love everything we purchased. Everything I'm sharing below (along with two robes and a mug) cost us $27!

I found this large green vase for $3 which is a steal for the size.
This large Art Bin in great condition (missing one compartment cover) was only $6. I have some smaller versions of this and knew something this large could be close to $30-40 new. I've been working on organizing all our art stuff (its a lot) so this was perfect for us.
When I saw this German Christmas Tower, I quickly googled to find replacement parts to see if this was something worth buying. I found a couple different sites with replacement parts and knew that these Christmas towers can be close to $200 new. My parent's have one very similar that was my grandparents, so I love that we now have a twin Christmas towers.

We were heading towards the checkout and I spotted this fur jacket from a half a mile away. I told Cora to go check it out. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be a cropped jacked for adults, but it is a perfect fit for her. She loved it and I couldn't say no for the low price tag.
I spotted this beaded chair cover and quickly saw the potential... I could spend $2 and have hundreds of wooden beads for garlands and other projects. I started out by soaking the beads for a couple minutes in vinegar/water and then another couple minutes in dish soap and water. I cut some of the string and the girls and I spend about 30-45 minuted disassembling it. I washed the beads again and then even mixed in a little bit of essential oils to make them smell nice. I can't wait to see what we make with these.

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