Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend this year was more packed then ever. Jazz came to visit for the weekend, so we filled in adventures where we could.  Friday afternoon, we dyed eggs. This is the first time Ida has dyed eggs and she was loving it!  This video (on the last slide) says it all. Cora has fun working on her color mixing theories and seeing what color mixing she could accomplish.

Saturday, we went to a community egg hunt. Both my girls had the same strategy to run ahead of the crowd and get a bunch of eggs without having to compete with other kids... pretty impressive! Both the girls got a good amount of eggs and had fun in the process. We took a quick picture with the easter bunny and headed out before it rained.

Easter was a full day! We woke up early to get ready for church/egg hunt. Ida wore an old coat and bonnet that I wore when I was little. My parents didn't save many outfits from when I was younger, so I love seeing this on my girls. (Cora wore it a couple years ago

Easter morning, we went to our cousin's church for an egg hunt and service. Ida was corralled into the preschool section and got quite a few eggs. She started opening them up and they were full of money (cue Ida excitedly holding dollar bills and saying "MONEY!!")... then we remembered that they usually have the kids get a couple eggs from this section before they run out to the other sections. It gave us all a laugh and Ida made a good donation to the collection plate. Cora ran off with her cousins pretty much the second we arrived at church and I didn't see her for most of the day because she was having so much fun with them. Easter service was followed by brunch at my aunt and uncles house. It was the perfect holiday day.  Happy Easter!

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