Cora's 6th Birthday Celebrations

Cora Jean is someone that loves a good party... which is fitting because she was named after my grandma that loved parties. Cora talked about having a birthday for months, so she was extremely excited when the day finally came.
We did a joint birthday party with my aunt and uncle. We stuck with the birthday brunch because it is fairly easy to do and Saturday mornings are a perfect time to have a party and celebrate without eating up the entire weekend. We had bagels, smoked salmon, fruit, veggie tray, and a variety of drinks.

On her actual birthday, Ben took Ida on some jobs with him so I got lots of one-on-one time with Cora. After school, we stopped by the elementary school plant sale and headed over to my sister's for dinner with the family.
For Cora's friend party, we just did a simplified lunch version of the family party. I made a veggie tray, ordered some pizza, and made a big jug of lemonade. Cora loved getting to run around and play with her friends. She was excited to see each friend and ran around the entire time. Later that day, she told me she wanted to start the whole day over again because it was so much fun.

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