Life With Cora : 6 Years

Cora turns 6 years old today!!! A lot has happened since she turned 5. Cora finished preschool, started Kindergarten, lost 5 teeth , went on vacations to the cottage (Cora is obsessed) and Tybee Island, and has made a friend everywhere we go. 
I could not gush enough about this girl! There has been some sass, like most kids, but Cora is so sweet. She is thoughtful, and smart, and sooooo funny. She makes me laugh out loud on a daily basis. Lately, she has been working on knock-knock jokes and practicing her delivery. Not only is she practicing knock-knock jokes, she is practicing reading and writing and drawing. She pulls out her sketchbook any chance she gets to sketch her sister or clothing ideas or some form of cat teenagers on skateboards. Each drawing is better than the last and it is so fun to see what her little imagination comes up with.
We spend a lot of time outside. Going on walks and playing in the backyard. Cora is always up for outdoor time. She isn't afraid to dig in the dirt, pick up bugs, and lend a helping hand. I'm looking forward to this year's gardening season as we expand our space and she is able to help out more and take some ownership of some space.
Cora is such a great big sister to Ida! They are not without their squabbles, but most of the time they get along really well. Cora is quick to help Ida when she needs it. She is always looking out for her little sister. I love their sweet little relationship. 
Happy birthday sweet Cora! I am the luckiest mommy in the whole world to have you as a daughter. I can't wait so see what 6 has to offer. I love you so much! xxoo!
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