Life With Cora :: 1 Year Old

Today is Cora's 1st birthday!  This past month/year has flown by so fast it's incredible.  This will be the last monthly installment of "Life with Cora".  I'll definitely be giving updates on her from time to time, but posting about her will be more like it has been in the last month with adventures and stuff we do.  Anyways...  April was filled with outdoor adventures to the park and the zoo, finishing up swim lessons, dancing around, hanging out with family, and relaxing around the house.  It was the perfect month and has made me so excited for the future.

Happy birthday Cora Jean!

Here are a bunch of photos of our sweet baby from this month:

We're celebrating her birthday with family tomorrow so I'll be back next week with lots of pictures of her adorableness and a couple different decoration tutorials I made for her birthday.

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  1. It's so weird seeing pictures of her now that I've met her and know her personality!


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