Folding Chair

Here is another one of my recent finds I got from Ben's house.  It is kind of rusty and scratched up so it needs a little makeover. 

Last week, my apartment complex gave me a written warning to remove the "rusted metal folding chair" from the the balcony in 1 day or else they will take action (I hope I can move that chair within 24 hours... I might be cutting it a little close).  I'm sure my metal folding chair is keeping tons of potential upscale renters from moving into this high-class complex.

My original intent was to paint the chair (...eventually), but I wanted to make sure I get it finished quickly so I can keep it out on the porch.  Ever since I saw the photo below, I've been keeping my eyes open for folding chairs to paint different bold colors.  Here is my inspiration photo:
Bold painted folding chairs
Primed & Painted.  I used Rust-oleum Satin Lagoon (the perfect match to what I was looking for) then sprayed a clear coat on top.  Also, I probably should have done a tiny bit of sanding on the drips in between coats, but I'm kind of lazy and don't care if there are drips. 
taking the ombre look to a whole new level
The in-person color is a little more turquoise than the blue shown in the photos.  Here is the final piece:
I love the color.  I will definitely be looking for more chairs to start a bold collection of folding chairs... when I have a house.

p.s. I start my 'new job' today.  Wish me luck!


  1. Did they really tell you that?! hahahaha I bet it was your neighbor downstairs who complained.

    1. yes! It was only out there for one day and I was so annoyed. Yeah, probably the same downstairs neighbor whose LOUD car wakes me up every single morning at 5am.


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