Lazy Weekend

This weekend, I had a much needed lazy weekend (thank you rain).  The past couple weeks, I have been running around non-stop so it is really nice having some real time off and just chillin.  Friday night, we went out to Cancun for Jazz's birthday.  It was fun celebrating and catching up with everyone there.
photo credit to Jazz
BC brought Clove over to my house to hang out.  She visited her first dog park, made some doggy friends, and spent a lot of time wrestling in the mud.  After that, all she wanted to do was sleep.  Here she is modeling my T-shirt blanket:
And refusing to wake up:
We were trying to keep her awake so she could sleep on her long ride home.  Every time we sat her up, she would just flop over and pass out. 

Also, I tried to get a picture of the three of us for my cubicle... BC had other plans:
Anyways, it was a fun and relaxing weekend.  Stay tuned this week for some projects and possibly big life updates. 

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