T-shirt Blanket

In last month's to-do list, number 5 was to finish my T-shirt blanket I started it in August 2008.  At the time, I had a month left of summer break and was geared up that month to get it finished... Of course, it never happened.  I finished about a twin size amount of the blanket and then gave up.  When I did get the motivation to pull out the materials, I would have problems with the sewing machine and would only get little bits of it done at a time.
Almost four years later,  I sat down and finally finished!!!

Unlike most t-shirt blankets I've seen, I wanted my t-shirt cutouts to be varying sizes.  I had a lot of tees (40-50) that I wanted to include.  I put the warm colored shirts (red, orange, yellow) on one side and the cool colors (green, blue, purple) on the other side so it would add some kind of organization to the chaos.
I cut out the shirts and made sure they were mostly the same width.  I sewed a column by itself and then added each column to the rest of the blanket.  I put the padding in and sewed it all up.  This is the first thing I've ever sewn on a sewing machine so I'm sure there is a better way to do this, but it made the most sense to me... especially with the uneven design of the blanket.

Here are some of the final pictures:
warm side
cool side
I still have a couple more stitches to add to keep the padding in place, but it is pretty much complete. 
I can't believe I finally finished it!!!

PS.  Happy birthday Jazz!  Here is my favorite picture of us:


  1. I love the blanket, your new profile picture, and that picture of us with Ramsey! HAHAHAHA

    Thanks for the birthday shout out! I'm glad you get to celebrate it with me!!

  2. Thanks guys! Jazz... I looked for a picture with just the two of us and I couldn't find any good ones. I'm glad I got to celebrate with you.


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