I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle

After work Friday, I took Clove to the dog park near my house and played for about an hour.  On my way home, BC called and said he had a surprise for me.  For some reason, I've really had bikes on the brain today.  Small day dreams of riding my bike to work in the summer (like that will happen), biking around town, and somehow tying Clove's leash to the handlebars so she can run along next to me on the bike trails (America's Funniest Videos hopeful).  Because of these daydreams, I was really hoping it was a bike, but practical me was figuring it would be something like a chair or some other home good that I could makeover (last time he had a surprise it was a couch).

Of course, I get to my place and Ben has a bike for me!!!  I was beyond excited.  I was so ecstatic because I hadn't even voiced that I was interested in getting a bike and he just showed up with one.  It is an older bike and needs a little fixing up, but that makes it even better because I get to acquire some new skills and make it my own style.

It will probably take me a year to get around to fixing it up... but make sure you stay tuned because it is going to be AWESOME!

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